Natural Products

Belssage uses natural and organic massage products made in the USA.

*Please be aware all massage lotions, oils and essential oils are fruit, nut and plant based. If you have any questions or concerns about allergies, discuss them when scheduling an appointment.

Take a breath

Hot Stone Therapy

The origin of Hot Stone therapy lies in the Far East and was practiced in the baths of ancient Rome. It has been rediscovered in our modern times to promote deep-tissue relaxation with the warmth of the stones loosening tense muscles. Smooth, flat basalt stones are used with massage oil to glide over the body and are kept in constant motion, warming and softening as they come into contact with each part of the body.

1 Hour - $60.00 1.5 Hours - $80.00
Senior Rate: 1 Hour - $47.00

Swedish Massage

The intent of this massage is to increase circulation utilizing different strokes all flowing toward the heart. This type of massage is generally relaxing and speeds up the healing process and reduces swelling from an injury. This massage can be light or deep, depending on the client's preference.

1 Hour - $55.00 1.5 Hours - $75.00
Senior Rate: 1 Hour - $47.00

Spa Experience

This special treatment combines stimulating, softening, warming and exfoliating the skin along with a full body massage. This massage not only helps your skin feel soft and give it a radiant glow, it also promotes relaxation allowing you to sleep deeply and release tension and stress.

2 Hours $95.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is used to release chronic muscle tension through the use of slower strokes and direct pressure to a specific area. This technique targets the muscle areas of the neck, shoulders and back, but may be performed everywhere. The depth is different for each client and communication is a must between the therapist and the receiver. The massage is too deep if the receiver tenses up and is unable to relax and breathe deeply throughout the massage. Deep tissue massage does not inflict pain, but rather releases pain. This massage is generally integrated with other techniques, such as Swedish massage.

1 Hour $55.00
Senior Rate: 1 Hour - $47.00

Lower Leg & Foot Massage

This massage is a half hour of soothing, relaxing strokes to tired, aching feet and legs while reducing swelling that can occur during the day. Legs and feet are elevated on soft pillows while eucalyptus cream is used to massage tired muscles.

1/2 Hour $35.00
Senior Rate: 30 Minutes - $27.00

Head, Neck, Shoulders & Back Massage

The focus of the massage is relaxing the muscles that are the most common for carrying tension. Soothing or deep tissue strokes, or both, are used to erase the stress from the day.

1/2 Hour $35.00
Senior Rate: 30 Minutes - $27.00

Prenatal Massage

Receiving massage during the second and third trimester enhances circulation and relieves mental and physical fatigue. According to Dr. Tiffany Field at the University of Miami School of Medicine, a study showed massage actually reduces stress hormones in the body. An expectant mother's body is challenged and stressed while her baby is nurtured within, a massage just plain feels good! Some of the physical benefits include, lowered anxiety, decreased discomfort in the back and legs while increasing the quality of sleep. These benefits assist mom during the pregnancy and after.

1 Hour $55.00

Sports Massage

Sports massage is designed to enhance athletic performance, recovery and increase flexibility. The method is goal-oriented, preparing athletes for an upcoming event and to aid in the body's regenerative capacities following a rigorous workout or competition. Active and passive stretching is an important aspect of the massage. Pre-event massage and post-event massage may be performed at the athletic event or at the massage therapist's office.

1 Hour $55.00 1.5 Hours $75.00
Senior Rate: 1 Hour - $47.00

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