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Massage and Cancer

Belssage Hours According to the American Cancer Society, massage is not only helpful physically but emotionally, because it soothes the soul and the mind. Massage Therapy enhances the immune system by increasing circulation as well as promoting relaxation and alleviating pain and anxiety associated with cancer and it’s treatments.

Although there isn’t a specific technique called “Cancer Massage”, there are a variety of massage techniques that may help you during your treatment and during your recovery from treatments and surgeries.If you feel therapeutic massage is something you would like to try, please contact your oncologist (the physician who specializes in treating cancer) or your primary physician to see if there are any restrictions you and your massage therapist need to be aware of.
Your massage therapist is respectful of your healthcare team and their knowledge and will work within their parameters and under their direction.

Log on to http://cancer.org for information on treatment, support and other resources.

Cancellation Policy

Please allow at least 24 hours if you must reschedule or cancel your appointment. (Inclement weather and emergencies not withstanding.)

Late Arrival

Please be aware if you arrive late to your appointment, the session will be rescheduled to a later date.